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24/7 Studio + Infrared Sauna

Can't make a class or need some down time, we have you covered!
As a member of Awaken Pilates and Yoga Ashby we offer 24/7 access to our studio + infrared Sauna.


24/7 Access

One of WA's first 24/7 Reformer Pilates and Yoga Studio.

On demand Reformer Pilates class through our state of the art, 22 inch TV screens. 
Sessions are constantly being updated so, if you choose, you never have to repeat the same on-demand class twice. 

If you feel like mixing up your own training you are more than welcome to use the Awaken space to complete your own Yoga session, light weights session or a combination of them all.

Infrared Sauna

Embracing the soothing warmth of an infrared sauna offers a multitude of health benefits. Unlike traditional saunas, which heat the air, infrared saunas penetrate the body's tissues directly, promoting a deeper sweat that aids in detoxification. This process helps flush out impurities and toxins, leading to clearer skin and improved overall well-being. The gentle heat also induces a state of relaxation, reducing stress and promoting better sleep. Moreover, regular sessions in an infrared sauna have been associated with enhanced cardiovascular health, improved circulation, and relief from joint and muscle pain. Whether seeking rejuvenation or aiming for holistic health, the infrared sauna stands as a therapeutic haven for both relaxation and revitalisation.

All sessions must be booked in 30 min time slots through the Awaken app.

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